Frequently Asked Questions

What will be covered by the rent?

At Identity, your rent not only gives you a luxurious, modern off-campus apartment, it also covers internet, cable, water and trash. The only additional bill you'll have is for electricity, which is billed to each unit.

Are Identity Reno apartments furnished?

All of our student apartments come with outstanding furnishings to provide a relaxing, harmonious living space. The luxury units are fully-furnished with elegant couches, stylish tables, island seating, and bedroom furnishings.

Why is there an “individual lease” system?

In many rental situations, all the roommates are responsible for providing a single check to the landlord. This means that roommates have to collect money from each other, and if one roommate neglects to pay, the entire group will be responsible.
Identity has a better way. By providing each resident with an individual lease, everyone is responsible for their own payment, meaning roommates won’t have to collect from each other and won’t be held responsible if one renter fails to pay.

Are cosigners needed?

Only the residents of Identity Reno will have to sign the lease agreement. However, if residents do not meet certain requirements for the background or credit checks, a guarantor may be needed to sign a Guaranty Form.

What is a "guarantor?"

A guarantor is someone who signs the Guaranty Form, which holds them financially responsible if the resident fails to make lease payments. For the vast majority of students at The University of Nevada-Reno, the guarantor will be a parent or legal guardian. Identity Reno only requests a guarantor when certain requirements from the background and credit check are not met.

What is the cost of application fees and security deposits?

There is a $50 application fee at the beginning of the process. This cost covers a background check and credit check. We also charge a one-time non-refundable redecoration fee of $150 for all incoming residents.

Can my pet join me at Identity?

Pets are allowed at Identity Reno! Please contact the leasing office for details, restrictions, and associated costs.

Does Identity provide roommate matching?

Yes we do! If you want to stay at Identity but need roommates, or you have a group that needs one more person, our roommate matching system is here to help. Roommate matching for our luxury student apartments makes the entire rental system more convenient for all of our residents.

What types of security do you provide?

Identity provides some of the most advanced safety and security measures available. This includes a state-of-the-art keycard access system that maintains security while giving residents complete freedom. There is also regular patrols, surveillance monitoring, and a 24-hour security presence. We believe that UNR students deserve the best safety!

Can my friends and family visit me at Identity?

Yes they can! All of your friends and family will be welcome to visit you at Identity Reno. We ask that all students register their guests with our front door staff to keep your home safe and secure.

Does Identity have parking?

Yes. If you are going to school at The University of Nevada-Reno and living nearby, finding a place to park your vehicle can be difficult. Identity Reno offers a secure underground parking facility for our residents, with access to both Virginia Street and Terrace Drive. Our private indoor garage area provides safe, secure parking for your car, but spaces are leased on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are interested in leasing a parking space, contact our leasing office today!

Who has access to the amenities at Identity?

To ensure complete safety and security, only residents of Identity Reno and their approved guests will have access to our modern apartment building. To ensure a high level of safety, the facility has a keycard access system, 24-hour security, and surveillance monitoring.

Who should I contact when I need maintenance?

At Identity Reno, we strive to answer all maintenance requests within 24 hours. During business hours, residents can contact our leasing office for immediate assistance. After hours, residents can use our convenient online portal to inform our licensed maintenance staff of any issue.

What is the cost to rent at Identity?

Rent will change depending on the size, floor plan, and floor level of the unit. Please contact our Reno leasing office to learn more about prices, fees, and security deposits. Call now before all of our stylish, modern student apartments are booked for the coming school year!


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