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Sand Harbor area of Lake Tahoe

Spring for Adventure: 3 Outdoor Activities in Reno


Here at IDENTITY Reno, we’re all about springing for adventure! If you’re looking for things to do outside near Reno this spring, check out our handy guide to get you started.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America, is just 43 miles southwest of IDENTITY Reno. With shimmering water and calming lakeside beaches, it’s no wonder Lake Tahoe welcomes about 20 million people each year. We recommend going to the lake early, when it will be more quiet. Enjoy a morning by the water, looking out at the gorgeous trees, granite boulders, and wildlife. If you’re up for a hike, try Marlette Lake Trail from Spooner Lake.

Black Rock Desert

Ready for a road trip? Black Rock Desert is 142 miles northeast of home and well worth the journey. While Black Rock Desert may be best known as the site where Burning Man takes place, the rest of the year it’s a much more quiet area, offering a unique landscape of treeless mountains and an expansive, dried-out lake with hidden hot springs. Explore and enjoy.

Virginia Lake Park

Looking for something closer to home? We’ve got you covered. Virginia Lake Park is less than 4 miles from IDENTITY Reno. This nearby park gives you quick access to nature when you need a reprieve from the city, and the mile-long Virginia Lake Park Loop Trail is a great place to get your blood pumping with a brisk walk or jog.

IDENTITY Reno is so close to so many great local sites, it’s tough to narrow it down to just three, but we think these ideas will give you a good jumping-off point this season. Have a great spring!


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